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Name: Braden DeMasie

Known Aliases: That Fucker, Nemesis, Honorable Lord Sigmund

Gender: Male

Age: Mid 30's

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Cleareyes

Court: Summer

Entitlement: Hound Tribunal

Physical Description:

Mask - Late thirties white male, body type of a construction worker. Light brown shaggy hair, chocolate eyes, hairy body which can't shake a wet dog smell. 5'7, 190pds of muscle.

Mein - The head of a bloodhound rests seamlessly on top the body of a young man. Chocolate fur blends onto chocolate body hair of the 5'7 warrior, muscles scarred and damaged from years of work. His skin is a dark brown from outdoor work, and while physically well endowed it is still lean and flexible from years of yoga and parkour training. Heat radiates off him, his eyes glow with a inner fire when angered and lava courses through his veins.

Gentry: The Wild Hunt

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  • May actually be one of the guardians from Stargate
  • He isn't really blind; he just doesn't know how to wear a headscarf
  • He is the man with no fear, or so he claims.
  • Braden once fought a star, and won. He says it ran away, but more people are curious at how he fought a star in the first place.
  • Braden wields a dread blade known only as Nemesis. When asked why he named it, he simply explains that he did not name the sword but that the sword is named after the parts used to build it.
  • Braden must kill whenever Nemesis is drawn, always.
  • That howl on the moor that Sherlock Holmes heard? Probably Braden leading the Wild Hunt.

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Player: Chris Canatsey