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Shadow Name: Dresden

Known Aliases: Dresden. The Wizard.

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Path: Obrimos

Order: Mysterium

Legacy: Reality Stalker

Physical Description: He is a rather unremarkable and tends to blend into the crowd. Brown hair and light brown eyes. He has slight drivers tan on this left arm.

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Current Activities: Hanging out in Central FL. Fixing problems.

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"It's not my Fault I didn't Do it..... This time."

"It's not my Fault I didn't do anything. Yet"

Rumors Edit

  • Jumped into the book series, killed that hack character, absorbed his name, and came back now having satisfied his first wish in life.
  • Which is kind of meta, considering Kaliban claims the books were written about his life.
  • Always has the right answer at the most desperate hour.
  • BAD THINGS tend to happen when he isn't there to pull other out of the fire.
  • Often the voice of common sense.

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Player Name: Ben

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