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Dromund system, five planets orbiting a single sun. The third planet is Dromund Kaas, home to the Sith Empire and throne world of the Emperor. Gravity and atmospheric composition are within standard deviation for allowing organic life to thrive. The amount of Dark Side energy that has soaked into the very bones of this planet have twisted and warped most creatures to the point that only the most well armed, foolhardy, or powerful venture beyond the protective walls of its cities.

Kaas City Edit

Kaas City

Here lies the Dark Council and the Emperor Himself. Young Sith who have proven their worth travel here to complete their training and become steeped in the powers of the Dark Side of the Force. A massive metropolis that a symbol of the Sith Empire's power. In the center of the city is the Imperial citadel where the Dark Council meet and rule at the whim of the Emperor. None see the Emperor except select members of the Dark Council.

Ancient Temple Edit

Ancient Temple

Long before Kaas city was founded and the new Empire formed, a Sith temple/tomb was constructed. Here lay some of the most powerful Sith ever to walk the galaxy, outside of Korriban. To this day their ghosts eagerly await new Sith to instruct them, or to possess them and live out their dreams and relish being in a living body once again, flaunting their powers.

Elsewhere on planet Edit

Sith Monument

The whole planet is a monument to the glory of the Sith Empire. However this does not stop individual Lords from adding monuments to their personal glory onto a planet already littered with the statues and monuments from thousands of Sith.

  • Citadel of the Dark Council, throne of the Emperor, and heart of the Sith Empire
  • A master and his apprentice inspect the troops.
  • Monuments to old, dead Sith Lords
  • Not all of the dead rest peacefully on Dromund Kaas
  • Even from miles away, some of the buildings of Kaas city can been seen through the storm.
  • Buildings hundreds of meters tall, sometimes even taller. Best way to get around is by aircar.
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