Overview Edit

Shadow Name: Gray-Hat

Known Aliases: None that you are aware of

Gender: Male

Age: 28 (appears 24)

Path: Thyrsus

Order: Mysterium

Legacy: Dreamspeaker

Physical Description:

Known History Edit

Background: Hacker/Shaman

Current Activities:

Setting up multiple corporations for the purpose of assisting others in gaining resources and power in the local, and beyond local, communities. Also teaching others the wonders of the path of the spirits.

Soundtrack Edit

Eminence Front - The Who

Tron Legacy Soundtrack - Daft Punk

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Rumors Edit

  • Under his hat there is another hat (it has to be possibly false to be a rumor)
  • He is trying to start his own spirit court
  • He has watched Legend of Korra too much and thinks that re-joining the spirit world and material one is a great idea
  • He is a master interrogator with a nearly 100% success rate
  • Is a member of a secret government organization which is attempting to control the lives of every citizen of the United States
  • Has seen into the mind and decisions of God
  • His hat is actually a micro-circuitry mesh weave which gives him wireless access to the internet anywhere, and at speeds greater than 10Gbps
  • Is a cunningly disguised robot
  • His familiar is actually a Horcrux
  • Doesn't have any pets because he's afraid they'll kill him in his sleep
  • Has a long term plan to bring Wal-Mart to their knees and possibly annihilate the company
  • Has a problematic tea habit.

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Player Name: Stephen Griffith

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