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Name: Hermes

Known Aliases: Herman "Herm" Goodspeed, "Mr. Nobody"

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Telluric/Gravewight

Court: None

Entitlement: Court of the Solstice

Physical Description: Hermes is a chubby, stocky fellow that stands about 5'10". His features denote if he took better care of himself, he'd be quite handsome. His dress fluctuates between plain, unfortunate and eccentric. On Monday, he may be wearing a 1980's style tracksuit. Tuesday, it may be patchwork hand me downs from a thrift store. Wednesday. it could be corduroy slacks and a blue polo shirt. There seems to be no pattern.

His Mien shines much more subtle than most other Changelings. His eyes appear more sunken and hollow. There's a distant sound of bells when he moves. Out of the corner of one's eye when they move away from Hermes there is an after image that shines like starlight.

Gentry: The Master of Olympus

Known History Edit

Background: Hermes does his best to help the dead shuffle off to their much needed rest. He seems to know a good deal about the Underworld and the Treasures of the Hedge.

Current Activities: Trying to get the bottom of the escalation of Entropy in the World.

Soundtrack Edit

Wait For Me - Anais Mitchell (Hadestown)

In TIme - Mark Collie (Punisher Soundtrack)

Let It Go/Let Her Go - Sam Tsui

Quotes Edit

  • "Whatever you do, don't look back."
  • "Death is a transition, not an end."

Rumors Edit

  • Knows of a tie between the Others and the Underworld.
  • Escaped Arcadia due to the intercession of Zeus.
  • Is a distant relation of Connor Valentine.
  • Squints when anyone makes a suggestion that will end in the death of an innocent.
  • Has a bizarre fascination with doughnuts.
  • Is a good bartender.

OOC Information Edit

Player: Daniel Atherton