Overview - Deceased / Retired Edit

Shadow Name: J

Known Aliases: J, Jae, and Jay

Gender: Female

Age: Early - Mid 20's

Path: Obrimos

Order (Duel): Silver Ladder / Mysterium

Legacy: Uncrowned King

Physical Description: She looks completely nondescript and is easily forgotten. J is about 5'0 - 5'2 tall and is obviously of mixed origin (probably middle eastern, could also be asian, or hispanic). She has brown eyes and curly brown hair.

Known History Edit

Background (if learned in game):

  • J's surrogate parents were: Ridley as the father; Rachel, the mother; and Eddie, as the drunk grandfather who never got over the war.
  • Known (legal) Name: Karen Lancer
  • Has left this universe / considered deceased.

Known Background:

  1. Awakened around Dec 2013

Current Activities:

  1. Attempting to find Eddie and kicking ass.

Soundtrack Edit

Art Edit

  • Picture of J
  • J (smirk)
  • J with a scarf









Rumors Edit

  • (OOC Feel free to add)
  • J is following Eddie through his multiverse travels.
  • Is the reason Gentry exist.
  • Is out of the loop.
  • Took all the magical equipment and left golden doubloons behind as an apology.

OOC Information Edit

Player Name: Jen