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cluttered book shelf

J's suite enters into a small library and side room. After moving all of her things from her personal sanctum to the Athenaeum, much of her 'living area' is filled with half unpacked boxes filled with various items she's picked up over the years (or 're-acquired' when she became a resident of the new 'verse).

Living RoomEdit

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a messy room

Her living room is one giant trip hazard and while she has been slowly settling in, it's still very messy and incredibly cluttered. The only clear space in the room is a path from the door, to the TV, microwave, and couch. Tucked in the back is a large mirror that always has a hard cover over it.


bed fort

The bedroom, on the other hand, is oddly setup. Her bed is surrounded by various shelving units and mattresses creating a fortress, or possibly cover for unforeseen attacks. Various weapons are scattered around the room, several of which are right next to the bed. All in all it looks more whimsical instead of intimidating.



J's bathroom

The attached bathroom is the only area in her room that isn't a trip hazard or looks like a war zone. It is still peppered with weapons. A dizzying array of scented soaps, salts, oils, and other luxuries are neatly organized in the shelves in the room. All the towels and washcloths are folded and neatly tucked away. There are no mirrors in this room. Funny enough, J spends very little time here.