Jimmy bike

James Wentworth is a single 64 year old man who works as a auction house director. His favorite food is tie between his grandmother's Turkish Delight recipe and a pistachio ice cream his local ice cream shop makes. Jimmy loves old historical items and is knowledgeable regarding many ancient civilizations. Back when he was younger and more fit, he used to be an archaeologist who specialized in ancient European history and metalworks.

Jimmy also works part time as a museum history curator on his off time. When asked about his love life Jimmy laments that he knew and was in love with a woman who he never had the chance to admit his feelings to. When his friend pressed further for more information he told her that she died when he was a young man during a dig. They had found some fascinating items that he swore were cursed. She apparently took one of these items for herself and was laid up with bad luck that eventually caused her to end up in the hospital where she contracted Tuberculosis. The TB caused her great distress and weakened her body further. She died shortly after due to pneumonia / upper respiratory issues.

Jimmy also works part time in a Prague auction house where he gets to look over and appraise all items coming in. It is there that he finds his most joy, surrounded by history.