Kimberly White

The only child of Crazy-Eyed Jim and G-Ma Johns, Kimberly White (nee. Johns) is a stark contrast from her parents. Spending most of her youth denying her heritage Kimberly's went to college and used her education to land her a high raking position with a fortune 500 company. Not caring about anything except the bottom line, Kimberly had a big house, big check book, and a rich upper crust husband; she had it all. After voting to gentrify a certain neighborhood in New York her luck ran out. Kimberly ran afoul of a Elodoth group who sought to destroy her for destroying their homes. They nearly succeeded. They burnt her house, killed her husband, and permanently disabled her child. With her life in ruins, it was after all this she reached out to her estranged parents. They took her in and the Pure took out the wolves in queens. There was devastation on both sides. In order to rebuild Crazy-Eyed Jim and G-Ma pushed to move the pack south but there was no where to move them to. Kimberly took the remaining money and bought Tall Oaks Nature Preserve and several acres next to it, giving the surviving members a place to rebuild. Kimberly changed her life around, turning down CEO positions to running small scale shops. She also does a lot of philanthropic work to help raise money for the preserve and fight for women's health.

Currently she is lobbying on behalf of Planned Parenthood in New York and working her contacts to raise more money for other nature preserves.

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