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Shadow Name: Klepto

Known Aliases: Samuel Lowe, James Bean, Robert Baker.

Gender: Undead male

Age: Good question, do you count from the first death as well? If so, probably somewhere around 30. If not, due to a weird time thing, 32. If you count neither, closer to 27.

Path: Moros

Order: Apostate for life.

Legacy: Forge Master

Physical Description: -He stands just over six feet tall. He is of average build and average description, suiting his needs just fine. You can find him wearing plaid and jeans, some form of cabbie hat, and carrying more metal and tools in his pockets than anyone you have ever met before. The only noticeable thing about him are the eyes, which you have to get close enough to see. They sparkle with derisive laughter and mischievous delight, ready to do or build anything. His hands are callused, and yet still soft, and he always smells like some very high heat smoke. Like he has been standing close to a forge. You will also find him in any spare time that he feels like being above ground, working on or driving his prized '73 Dodge Charger; that may or may not have been rebuilt several times due to poor choices and terrible accidents. Like that one time, with Runner...

Known History Edit

Background: Not much is known about this elusive mage, aside from his paranoia and obvious ties to the underworld. Both criminal and actual. He has taken great pains to remain far from the notice of both mortals and mages and other supernaturals; but if you have the means and connections, you can find him. He has become even more of a recluse of late, after having a harrowing experience fighting off the abyssal sea from his own mind.

Current Activities: Sitting in a very well protected demense, making stuff.

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Quotes: Edit

"You want me to make what now?"

"I like to talk with dead things, don't you?"

Rumors Edit

  • Will in fact murder you for $3.50. The fact that you were possessed by an Abyssal spirit at the time is merely a convenient coincidence
  • Of course there isn't a secret underground complex where weird things happen in Winter Park. That is just your imagination!
  • No, the car isn't named Christine; and no, it isn't alive. It just glows when you look at it all special, and has a penchant for dead things.
  • He can in fact fix that.
  • Has a "neon coffin" fetish.

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Player Name: Corwyn Lewis.

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