Kretch's Hollow in the Hedge is a large Victorian mansion, complete with a fountain and garden. The flowers and plants in the garden all seem to take on a somewhat mechanical feel--many of the flowers have cogs and gears in their centers. The area exudes the vibrancy of Spring. The Hollow is heavily warded.

Kretch's Hollow has been pulled into his realm of Arcadia.

The Mansion Edit

The mansion is lavishly decorated in an old style, as is customary for Kretch. The home boasts multiple guest rooms and parlors. There's neat stuff in them to delight all the visitors that never come to the Hollow.


Yes it tooks like Tyntesfield. Pay no attention to the Hobs in the yard.

The Archive Edit

The archive in the mansion's western wing spans two floors with obvious room for growth. The library largely consists of texts on engineering, as well as section with a particular focus on Arcadia and fairy tales.

Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 9.25.45 PM

The archive

The Workshop Edit

The workshop stands apart from the mansion, yet rivals it in size. Inside the workshop is a full-scale automated assembly line equipped to produce parts for all manner of mechanical purposes including heavy machinery, guns, armor, explosives, and clockwork. Several small scale workbenches occupy the space, notably a gunsmithing bench and a reloading bench. There are several storerooms for supplies, one of which currently holds a large amount of hazardous materials and Thermite, for the express purpose of added fun in the future,

A separate room exists for the purpose of token making. The room and its accompanied storage is stocked with peculiar things of all sorts, including most recently objects obtained from the Underworld. This is the room Kretch goes to when he wants to make an item that can break the laws of physics.


Where the magic happens, baby.


Kretch, here. I've decided to make a list of all the cool shit I made, because I'm amazing.

  • Chain-weapon token for CJ
    • Ghost-Rider-esque motorcycle for CJ
    • Double Bladed Lightsaber
    • Lockpick wonder-tool for Jae
    • Ice Beam
    • Acid Blast gun
    • That one gun that shoots fiery pain
    • Magnificent sniper rifle for Patches
    • Night-night umbrella dart gun
    • Ghost Punching gloves
    • Ghost killin' throwing knives
    • Exploding throwing knives
    • Electrically charged Power Fists
    • Project A.S.I.M.O.V. is NOW COMPLETE!
    • Sword of the Artisan
    • Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    • A "Marauder's Map" for Nightmares
    • Coming Soon: Airship, battle-suits, and more!
    • Mindlink Signal Amplifier, now with mariachi mindtone
    • The Antique Eye