Kretch lives in a large home in a quiet neighborhood in Lake Mary. The property is well-maintained although it seems to have a noticeably empty feel. He is known by the neighbors to be that weird college professor who keeps to himself in that weird house at the end of the block.

Kretch keeps his car here, as well as an antique 1908 Simplex Model 50 car in the garage. A door within the house opens directly to Kretch's Hollow in the Hedge, where all the real fun is.

As of late, Kretch has not been at his house in the real world. The grass is beginning to get overgrown, dust is collecting within the house, and the neighbors grow irritated at the house's lack of maintenance, pissing off the homeowner's association. But they're all dickheads, so screw them anyway.


Kretch's antique. Knowing him, it probably has guns on it somewhere.