Kretch's bedroom in the Freehold is often cluttered and disorderly, yet it is far better than the way he keeps his work spaces.


Kretch's room in a rare moment of cleanliness ((OOC: Image used from; no infringement is intended, and image will be removed if asked to do so))

The room is furnished in an old Victorian style with all the comforts of today. Upon the walls are many timepieces and old photos, sketches, blueprints, and various knick-knacks. On the desk is a miniature clockwork model in the shape of a dragon and a picture frame with two old photos of what one might assume to be Kretch's family. Or they could be some stock photos. Who can say?

Kretch does not stay in this room often, preferring to stay in his own home in the real world (or, as of late, his Hollow).