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Amber and Ivory

Name: The Lord of the House of Falling Leaves

Alternate Titles: Last Scholar of the Horizon, The Lord of Amber and Ivory, Master of Brass and Silk

Preferred Gender: Male

Preferred Age: Late 20's

Physical Description: When in his holdings, the Lord of the House of Falling Leaves looks like a young (no more than 30), tall Victorian or Edwardian gentleman, albeit one of obviously magical heritage, with pointed ears and piercing green eyes. He wears his amber hair long and usually pulled back. He favors clothes in sumptuous fabrics, and lots of gold or brass jewelry. Outside of his domain, he changes, becoming more feral and wild, with a huge rack of deer-like antlers, his clothes decaying a bit. 

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Current Activities:

Domain in Arcadia: The House of Falling Leaves

Preferred Methods of Capture: Usually, he buys his Changelings from other Gentry, or at markets or from privateers. He is very lazy and only occasionally goes out for his own Changelings.

Preferred Changeling Types: The Lord of the House of Falling Leaves doesn’t have a particular type of Changeling that he favors. He uses Beasts for his stables and hunting animals, Elementals as his fires and trees and other plants, Darklings (especially Antiquarians) and Wizened as his servants, and Fairest for his visitors and lovers.

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