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Known Aliases: Nite

Gender: Female

Age: Early 20's

ThresholdThe Lightning-Struck


Geist: The burning child

Physical Description: Unlike her older sister JNite pulls attention to herself wherever she goes. The beautiful young women is much taller than her sister and stands at 5'9. She sports a tidy pixie cut hair do. Nite has almond shaped hazel eyes and looks like she might be of asian or native american descent (she could also be hispanic).

Known History Edit

'Background:' Nite ran with J and her crew when she was younger before heading down south. There she joined up with another hunter group and died while taking out a group of vampires from the First Estate. During their fight, a team mate's assult rifle misfired and hit a half empty tank of propane gas, taking out their enemies and half of Nite's group. When she came to she was much changed... and could no longer go back.

Current Activities: Nite changed her degree from engineering to psychology and enlisted in the service. She helps soliders and their familys move past the death of their loved ones and helps them find closure.

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  1. "Oooh, I can fix that. J get in the car, we need to go to skycraft!" "All the store's are closed right now." "Like that'd stop you." "You, little sister, are a terrible influence." 45 minutes later.. a note was taped to the register: 'Sorry. Needed it. Money's in the safe.'

Rumors Edit

  1. Anytime J enters the underworld she get an angry text from her sibling.