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Shadow Name: Raw

Known Aliases: works as a therapist under the name Dr. Meredith Hawkins

Gender: female

Age: 32

Path: Mastigos

Order: Guardians of the Veil

Legacy: Subtle Ones

Physical Description: Unremarkable. Shoulder length hair that falls somewhere between dark blonde and light brown. Light brown eyes. A face that is pleasant without actually being attractive, a body that is comfortably rounded, neither fat nor thin. Her usual expression is a shy but hopeful smile; she speaks quietly and carries herself so as to take up as little room as possible. For her clothes she prefers soft fabrics and classic styles that are appealing but not really flashy.

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Background: Both "Meredith Hawkins" and the mage Raw can be traced to the city of Savannah, GA and the Consilium of Live Oaks. Records show that Dr. Hawkins ran a mental health clinic there for several years, and the Hierarch of the Consilium, Seiðkona Freyja, speaks well of Raw, characterizing her as "skilled, but lacking confidence." For business reasons, she has recently moved her practice south to Orlando.

Current Activities: Mundanely, she's trying to reestablish her business and build a reputation locally. Among supernaturals, right now she seems to be trying to make herself as useful as possible. Despite coming across as uncertain sometimes, if a situation arises that requires her skills she seems genuinely interested in trying to help.

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  • Despite the name, she hates sushi
  • Knows the location of viable Guardian targets for liquidation but is holding on to them for a "rainy day."

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