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Name: Shadow John, The Black Hunter

Alternate Titles: Mister Smiles, Master of the Black Hounds, Black Paws, Famine's Son, Hunter of the End

Preferred Gender: Male

Preferred Age: Unknown

Physical Description: As he has lost most of his cohesive physical form to the other Hunters of the End, he shapes the shadows to become a giant of a man roughly about 11ft tall with a flowing black cloak and a long black hat.  One thing to notice is that he has no head but a face that constantly shifts and he has blank white eyes and a terrifyingly bestial grin.  He carries a long ornate black bow known as Griever and two large hunting knives he calls his children.

He mainly stays attached to the Shadows, blending in with them like a second skin.  Usually those who gaze into them long enough will see his face fade into place usually laughing.  In either form he is quite terrifying to behold and even those with strong hearts and minds feel unnerved in his presence.

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Background: One of the Hunter's of the End, a group of Gentry that are a parody of the 4 Horseman, each one representing a seasonal aspect as well as the corresponding horsemen ideal.  John represents Famine and Fear, he participates in seasonal hunts against the other 3 Hunters for glory and power.  Like all the Hunter's he is a mercenary and has been hired by many a Gentry as a Hunter.

Current Activities: He was believed to be slain along with most of Arcadia's Gentry when Dr. Moon Ascended to Gentryhood, however recently this may have been proven false as the souls released from the shirt's cube seemed to be the Lost Gentry of Arcadia.  If this is true, his current status is unknown.

Domain in Arcadia: The Court of the Final Word, or to some, The Lodge of Eternal Famine

Preferred Methods of Capture: Hunting people down (preferably small children) using fear and desperation to capture his victims, and hounds.

Preferred Changeling Types: Darklings are his primary Hunters and servants, though he does on occasion choose Beasts and Elementals. On one very rare occasion he took a Wizened.

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-May have returned with the other "dead" Gentry.

-Wants to be the Boogyman