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Name: The Duke of Dance

Alternate Titles: The Ballroom Prince, The Lord of Sable and Aster

Preferred Gender: Male

Preferred Age: Mid to late 20's

Physical Description: Tall, slender young man with pale, almost white completion. His jet black, straight, long hair hangs like cobwebs around his shoulders and reaches down to his lower back. It's usually lazily tied back in a limp and loose pony tail, with loose strands. His inky, blacked out eyes show no reflection, making it hard to tell if he's actually looking at you, other than the creepy vibe he gives when he does.

His favorite fashion of clothing to wear is elegant, Victorian formal attire. Though he does have blood red, studded, leather armor with dark metal decorations he wears if the mood strikes. He also has an old style hunting outfit for those hunting occasions.

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Background: Older "brother" of The Lord of the House of Falling Leaves.

Current Activities: Hosting elaborate, elegant balls, dinners, and wild parties for other Gentry and Goblins. Entertainment, going on "hunting parties" with his brother.

Domain in Arcadia: His realm in Arcadia was very lavish with Victorian flare. The outside took on the appearance of a stone castle. He had a large hedge garden with various hedge sculptures. Some say the sculptures were actually changelings that didn't manage to escape or ones that he grew bored with. Other's say if you are close enough, you can hear breathing. A large maze of unkempt, thorny shrubs surrounded the castle. He had a huge ballroom carved from white and grey marble with gold trim. Tall, red velvet curtains hung from various places. There was a long hallway attached the the far end of the room in the same decoration and style. White doors lined both sides of the hall, each door opened to a small side room, each side room had a different style and theme. In the basement, besides the wine cellar, there was another room. This room was larger than the rest. It was quite dark and lit only by candles. Chains hung from the ceiling and walls. There was a table with various instruments and tools. There was also a long, wooden table with cuffs on the far side. 

At the end of the great hall stood a very tall, decorated door that lead to the room of Julian's keeper.

Preferred Methods of Capture: Purchased from the Goblin Market. He would make it seem like he was rescuing them, charming them with his smile, looks and kindness. Then he would tell each lies and broken promises, making each one his servants. Once he gained their trust, however, things started to change and his true nature came out.

Preferred Changeling Types: Young males

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1. Through The Pale Door (Faith and The Muse) -

2. Transylvanian Concubine ( Rasputina) -

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