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The current known residents in the box are:

  1. Archie
  2. Lucifer
  3. Lucifer's sheep (I dont' know if he had a name but he liked red wine and was a lightweight)
  4. Leviathan


The box has a series of grooves and pressure points you can use to 'unlock' it's configuration and gain access to the different rooms in the box.  

Previous and Current owner:Edit

The current and previous owners of the box are:

  1. Unknown 
  2. Unknown 
  3. Unknown 
  4. Unknown 
  5. J (June 2014 - Current)

Known 'rooms':Edit

Please check with the ST to see if you know the 'number' to dial:

  1. Archie's library
  2. Lucifer's quaint cottage
  3. A picture of the garden at Gethsēmanē / Mount Olivet