From the outside, the Wonderland looks like a charming downtown pub - old-fashioned doors and ivy-covered brick.  There's a little gold edging on the windows of the door and a little more in the giant picture window, but it nevertheless looks very low-key and approachable.

Inside, however, it looks fancy.  Blonde wood polished to a high sheen, gilt highlights, and warm golden lighting gives the interior a sleek, buttery look.  Gold filagree decorates the tabletops and fanciful decorations adorn the walls and hang from the ceiling, and the glasses that hang behind the bar appear to be crystal, not glass.


 In fact, it's almost too opulent - there's something soulless about all that glittering white and gold, despite the occasional whimsical touch.  Decor aside, however, the bar menu itself is decidedly working-class.  Although the Wonderland does have a full bar, it doesn't have much in the way of specialty signature cocktails - what it does have, however, is an extensive selection of beer and wine.  Craft beers, primarily, most of them locally-brewed, and craft wines from small local wineries, and all of them priced appropriately for a friendly neighborhood bar.  There's a small stage in the corner, mostly cleared of glitter and gilding; local musicians play most nights, and on Thursdays it's Open Mic.  The bar's owner and employees are all easygoing and down-to-earth, and they all seem to regard the glitzy trappings as something of a joke - everything else about the place lends itself to a very laid-back atmosphere.

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It opens in the back into a hidden courtyard, with shade trees and strung lights and - thankfully - not a hint of gold anywhere.  On especially busy nights, special occasions, or when a local band draws an unusually big crowd, the owners open up the back door and take advantage of the cool night air, letting the party expand.


  • There are hidden back rooms in the Wonderland - at least once, someone's seen an employee duck into the back and not come out again.
  • The owner, Holly MacPherson, is also the owner of the Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company out of DeLand, which provides a majority of the beer on tap
  • The Wonderland has changed owners a few times - the original owners sold it to a local couple about four or five years back, and now Holly - one of those original owners - has bought it back
  • The interior wasn't always so opulent - originally it was much more quaint and pub-like.  The regulars were surprised by the bar's "surprise makeover" about 5-6 years ago.  Rumor has it that the owner, Holly, hates the glittery look, but for some reason has never changed it...
  • There's a few drinks served that aren't on the menu, if you know what to ask for...